Unique jewlery

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the technology

we 3D print our stuff

To reduce waste and increase the variety of our designs, we are using 3D-print technology. This enables us to print the jewelry on demand. Though the current earrings and pendants are out of conventional resin, we are developing a plant-based alternative, to get rid of plastics altogether.

the artists

the rest is handmade

The creative minds behind the unique designed jewlery

Created and brought to life by the creative duo Luisa Lopes from Lisbon (Portugal) and Artur Parutkin from St.Petersburg (Russia). Connected in Hamburg (Germany), or the door to the world like the locals use to say. Together they piloted the journey to bring quirky creatures in everyday lives. Inspired by 100-year-old vintage doll eyes, and other body parts excavated at lost manufactures near German castles.

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